Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trax's Favorite Show

What's Trax's favorite TV show?
Wholock's Headquarters in Time
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Super Wholock: the story of the time-traveling ex-detective Wholock and his sidekick Bob, who stop monsters from destroying all of human history throughout all of time and space.

Wholock, a former police detective suffering burnout, retires to a rural Oregon town, where he takes a job as building superintendent for a long-abandoned mansion that has recently been renovated into apartments. There he hears rumors that the former mansion has a spotty history--as in, sometimes it's there; sometimes it's not. Naturally brushing aside this rumor as ridiculous superstition (who ever heard of a disappearing building?) he moves in and meets the first four tenants, including his neighbor, the sarcastic history professor named Bob whose desire to avoid trouble is matched against his tendency to attract trouble, thanks to minor but annoying gift of foresight.

Things quickly to ruin when Wholock discovers a secret room under the basement, where he can see all of time... and the monsters who are coming out of the woodwork to change history so that they, instead of the human race, will rule the world by the modern era. Now Wholock and Bob must use the mansion's magic to save history, while keeping any of the other tenants from discovering the secret of the mansion.

Whether it's discovering the cause behind the Famine of the Fireflies (season 1, episode 19) or nudging a scullery maid and a molding specialist towards new jobs in Area 51 without allowing them to be killed by swamp monsters (season 3, episode 9), Wholock is sure to save the day. 

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