Monday, March 2, 2015

Tea Review: Cream Black Tea

Cream Black Tea

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea

Black, loose-leaf
Flavor aspects

Before brew: Chocolate
After brew: Natural
Where I got it

Adagio Teas

$2/sample (~1oz), $6/3oz, or $19/16oz
How I brewed it

1.5 tsp in 12 oz mug, brewed with coffee machine water for 3 minutes
Rebrewing notes

Rebrews pretty well for 2 cups before losing flavor, so long as you don't brew too long. Fairly standard black tea. Usually noticeably weaker by 3rd cup, though still flavorful enough to be drinkable.

Opening this tea up reveals the scent of the leaves is pure, rich, decadent chocolate. It's cream tea, so don't get too attached, as the tea neither tastes nor smells like chocolate after steeping. Don't be fooled. Flavor and scent-wise, you'll get a fairly standard loose-leaf black tea. The cream flavor adds a little extra richness, though if you're looking for significant milk taste, you'll need to add actual milk or creamer. Not enough to replace the taste of real dairy.

It's a good tea, especially for the price. The cream flavoring tastes almost vanilla-y, but is very subtle. It's pretty mellow, and mostly just tastes like, well, black tea with a hint of cream/sweetness/vanilla. Pretty standard fare.

It would be a great tea to drink with scones or other sweets. It's also pretty good as a slightly sweeter morning tea, if you want a black tea, but want a change from Earl Grey/etc. I've had better black teas, but not for this price, and it's perfectly decent. Good for buying in bulk and caffeinating up for the day, so you can save your best (and pricier) teas for sharing with guests, or for a special treat when you're awake enough to really appreciate it.

Where this tea shines is as a blender. If blending teas is your thing, it makes a great base for or addition to other flavors. It would go really well in anything fruity, nutty, or spicy. I use it with a coconut pu-erh to mellow that out. I've also added it to other black teas that have started to grow a touch weak after a couple of rebrews, but enough good flavor left I'm not ready to give up on them yet. It extends their tastiness and adds more caffeine if they've been brewed past the pick-me-up without substantially altering the taste.

Long story short: Reasonable black tea at an affordable price. Great for blending.

I didn't take a picture, and their picture wasn't of the tea,
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