Monday, March 30, 2015

Gem Shows and Things I've Yet to Learn

The dragon in me is always happy to attend gem shows.

There was one in my region this past weekend. No, I didn't get much--a pretty geode, some cheap strings of beads--but walking down the aisle of the sparklies pleased my inner dragon indeed. (Inner goddess? I think the dragon ate her, sorry.)

It always reminds me how much I have yet to learn, though. So many gems whose names I didn't know. So many that I barely recognized. Meanwhile, rockhounds and specialists tossed around long stone names like they'd spent years studying them (like? okay, "because").

There's always more to learn. And that's one of the great things about life. No matter how much I know, I can be certain there are things yet to learn about.

I hope one day I learn more about gemstones and minerals. And I hope I continue to improve in everything I do know about, whether its writing or cooking or tea or making beadwork jewelry.

What new things do you hope to learn more about one day?

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