Monday, March 23, 2015

Tea Review: Rooibos Chai

Rooibos Chai

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea

Rooibos, loose-leaf
Flavor aspects

Where I got it


How I brewed it

2 tsp with boiling water for 3 minutes n a 16 oz teapot, with a dollop of heavy cream and honey
Rebrewing notes

Have not rebrewed

By now I know I don't like rooibos without milk and sugar (or, in this case, leftover cream from a pasta recipe and honey), so I made it with both. It's a chai, and as such is a spice tea. Coincidentally enough, with milk is also how I tend to like my chais, so... works well.

The price is good, and as a rooibos it's caffeine-free. I've had spicier chais, and it's not exactly the standard flavor, so if you're particular about your chai you probably won't be impressed. But if you're willing to try a non-black chai tea it's quite good. It's basically cinnamon-ginger rooibos.

I rather like it, on the whole. Given a choice between a regular chai and rooibos chai, most of the time I'd go with regular, but as I don't want to toss and turn tonight, it's great. So... basically a chai substitute that fills that craving when it's too late for the regular kind, and if it's a little mellower, it still has a tasty flavor and even has a built-in excuse for making it with cream and sugar (y'know, in case you ever feel guilty about that or anything).
Looks like a normal cup of rooibos.


  1. I have this one. I rather like it, but I also like roobios in general. I'm currently on a quest to find a nice, strong, spicy black chai. There used to be a drink shop here that sold an amazing chai, but they went belly up and I don't know what brand they used. I got Tea Forte's Bombay Chai because it smells like what I was looking for, but the flavor is remarkably weak. I guess too much flavor gets lost in the air? Or something?
    I currently have chocolate carrots stuffed in my tin of it to absorb the scent. I've done it before with jasmine green tea (totally on accident) and the result was great.
    Any recommendations for normal chai? The spicier, the better.

    1. Well darn that they went up.
      Honestly I'm a fan of Stash, but I'm sourcing this one out with a couple of consummate chai-lovers (I only dabble, I must admit). I'll let you know when I hear back what their favorites are.
      Chocolate carrots to absorb scent? I hate it when my one empty tin smells so strongly I can't put another tea in yet, so I'll have to try that. Thanks for the tip!

    2. From another chai-loving friend:: Adagio Pumpkin Spice Chai. Geisha chai from Tin Roof Teas, and black chai from Honeysuckle Farms.... Though she also says, "You want spicy, drink ginger tea. The kind that is nothing but powdered root."