Friday, April 29, 2016

Your favorite food places

Publishing news will be a bit late this week due to chores and another chapter of King's Quest coming out.

Case in point, my tea shelf.
In the meantime, let's share some stories of good food. There's a great place in Durham, for example, called CocoaCinnamon. People say their coffee is incredible. Their teas look amazing--but I've never tried them, because the hot chocolate is so delicious.

That's right, the teas look wonderful, but I HAVEN'T TRIED them.

This from a woman with an entire page devoted to tea.

That is how good the hot chocolate is.

What's one food (or beverage) place you love? 


  1. Happy Lemon. I think it was originally a Taiwanese company, but I encountered it in Beijing. They have the tastiest drinks ever. My favorite was the cocoa rock salt cheese (a really tasty chocolate milkshake, basically). There were times where I couldn't decide, so I got one drink for then and one for later. Then last time I went back, it was gone from the old place and I was really sad.

    1. Aw. That sounds amazing! Maybe they were so successful they got a bigger place somewhere else. That's what I'll hope for, anyway!

    2. I talked to someone who'd visited the city multiple times and they said that shopping center has a pretty high turnover rate. The varied and delicious food carts I used to visit there were also gone last time I went.