Saturday, June 18, 2011

Can it hurt to be prepared? I think not.

Can it hurt to be prepared for the agent's call?

I think the real question is, "would it hurt to be unprepared?"  And yes, yes it would.

I just wanted to share a terrific post from Query tracker:
It suggests questions to ask the agent, when he or she picks up the phone and gives you a call in response to a manuscript, saying they might want to represent you.  That's right.  The moment I'm waiting for: a phone call.

(Which, if you know me, is highly ironic, considering one of my life goals is to boil a cell phone.  Yes, I love them that much.  Still haven't gotten around to it, though - mostly because I've only got one phone.  Anyone want to volunteer a spare?)

Since your agent becomes your business partner (NOT partner-in-crime!), you need to know him or her.  That means, just because you get the call, doesn't mean you should automatically take him or her up on the offer - this is someone with whom you'll be working, hopefully for a long time.  This is your job, folks, so interview your agent as you're being interviewed. 

Of course, I certainly wouldn't be upset if I wind up with the perfect agent on the first try.  But I don't trust in luck (mostly because I know exactly what kind of luck I have,) so I'll take the smart route: I'll ask.

What's the first question on the list that you would ask?

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