Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Writing Exercise: Quantum Sheep

So browsing the web yesterday led me to a story about a woman who spray-painted sheep with words, and then noted down the poems formed by the sheep as they grazed. She then published the poetry in her book Quantum Sheep (along with other poems).

Today's writing assignment is to take advantage of randomness. Whether using fridge magnets or spray-painted ping-pong balls in a swimming pool, go make some random poetry. And as an added bonus, read it to your characters and figure out what they'd say.

(With the online geek magnetic poetry kit):
Never love a humanoid
computer & avatar
native must figure
he is the girl

(Shown to Kelly, protagonist of Into the Tides who has never played an MMORPG [or almost any other video game], and Trax, her famous rock star brother)

She stares at it for a minute, cocks her head, squints. "I don't get it." Another minute passes. Her eyes light up, and she points to the last word. "So that's why he married the trucker in the game. I figured they were dating in real life, but they were both actually antisocial and couldn't manage a real relationship, right?"

Trax just shakes his head and covers his eyes in shame. "Seriously, Kel, we've got to set you up with an account."

She taps her lower lip with a finger. "So you don't think he knew his hot online wife was a guy?"

"Of course he knew."

"Then they were in a real relationship after all?"

"Probably not." Trax sighs, scratching at the base of his Mohawk. "Okay, let's make a deal. I take scuba lessons with you, and you let me sign you up in the game."

"Fine. But I'm not online marrying you." She sticks her tongue out at her brother.

He smirks. "You wouldn't be my type, anyway. My main character is a girl."

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