Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday writing exercise:

You have a bag of Starburst with you, and ask your characters if they want one. What color do they take, and why? If they don't take any, what do they do instead?

My example:
Kelly grabs an orange Starburst. She likes the tart, almost sour taste of the oranges. 

Trax tries to grab a sweet pink one, but his oh-so-loving agent snatches it away from him before he gets a chance to eat it and starts haranguing him about too many sweets and putting on weight right before a tour. ("Do you want to horrify your fans with flab melting under hot stage lights? Rock stars don't get fat! I worked hard to get that six-pack on you. You can't do that to me.")

Derik just raises an eyebrow at the bag and goes to the fridge. "That's not a fruit snack," he says, and waves a strawberry around. "This is a fruit snack." And then he pulls out the homemade whipped cream, a slices up a batch of local strawberries, and melts fancy chocolate over it all, just to prove his point.

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