Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tea Time: Earl Grey Supreme

Earl Grey Supreme

Reviewed by: BecTea
Type of tea
Black, loose-leaf
Flavor aspects and Aroma
Flavor Aspects: Natural
Aroma: Rich and delightful
Where I got it
John Greenhow Store
$8.95 per 1/4 lb
How I brewed it
Just boiling water over a mesh tea basket. Steep 3 minutes. Sugar & milk added. For a single cup I used a tsp of loose leaves and 2 1/2 tbsp for a whole pot.
Rebrewing notes
Just as good as the first time, steeped twice as long.
Earl Grey Lovers Unite! This is the smoothest Earl Grey I've had the pleasure of tasting. It was wonderful in the morning, made a refreshing tea with lunch, and was good cold with a little sugar when I had some left in the pot! It is a classic breakfast tea but I think it is delightful in the morning and all afternoon long. It is labeled as "an early 19th-century blend of fully fermented black teas with a tangy, pungent note introduced by bergamot orange oil."

I found it in Colonial Williamsburg, Va at the John Greenhow Shop. Do not lament! You can buy it online at Williamsbugmarketplace.com.

This tea does not disappoint! Get it online or start planning your road trip to VA because this tea is worth it.

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Type of tea Aroma
Where I got it Cost
How I brewed it Rebrewing notes

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