Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tea Time: POWER!!! tea

POWER!!! Tea

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Type of tea
Herbal, loose-leaf
Flavor aspects
Where I got it
Thaumaturgy 777
How I brewed it
The water was just before a boil; steeped 10 minutes. This was a loose leaf tea that requires a strainer or cotton reusable tea bag (I got one the same time I got the tea).
Rebrewing notes
Have not rebrewed yet.
This is a specialty tea blend with unique ingredients like Sampson Snake Root and Licorice. It was advertised as spiritual tea: "This is a good, all-purpose tea, to attract good luck on all fronts of life. It's a good tonic for those engaging in the practice of magick and who want to increase their personal power, magnetism, chi, prana, or whatever you choose to call it." It sounded very intriguing!

I can say it isn't overpowering as far as the taste, even with the 7 different ingredients. It has a mellow flavor that has an earthy green tea quality, even though it's all herbs and has no tea in it. I added honey to ease the earthy, natural quality and it was quite nice. It has enough unique flavor (cinnamon tones maybe) to be a sipping tea versus a drinking tea.

As far as the spiritual aspect I'm not sure yet, but I did get a "get up and go" buzz from it and proceed to clean, clean, clean. In the meantime the tea cooled down and became even better, hinting that it might have lemon grass as an ingredient.

Recommended for a unique tea experience or as a tea for ritual presentation. Would be very lovely while enjoying a bath.

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