Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tea Time: Jasmine Blooming Tea by Primula

Green/Jasmine Flowering Tea

Reviewed by: BecTea
Type of tea
Green, blooming
Flavor aspects
Flavor aspects: Floral
Where I got it
$16.68/$1.40 per pot
How I brewed it
Water was just before boiling. The tea is a blooming flower green tea with jasmine, one flower ball per teapot. My tea pot holds 40oz (that's a max of 8 cups or 4 good mugs of tea). The tea flower stays in the pot the whole time.
Rebrewing notes
I've never rebrewed a blooming tea.
Fabulous. This is one of my favorite "warm, fuzzy feeling" teas. I love the whole experience of it. The tea starts out as kind of a tea pellet, and then you get to watch it bloom. You can't get the brewing wrong either. When it's bloomed, it's ready. You don't take the flower out so you don't have to worry about how long it's steeped. Just drink and enjoy.

It should be noted that if you think green tea is too earthy or muddy, then you actually will like this tea. It has the right combination of green tea to give it a light glowing color (and some caffeine) while the jasmine gives the bulk of the flavor, which is divine. It is good on its own or with honey. It is also still full of jasmine flavor when it turns cold.

The price is for a container of 12 "blooms" and each bloom makes a full pot of tea. This tea can also be found at department stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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