Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nervous? You're not meeting the Prez

DFTBA. (Nerdfighter Salute)

Okay, many of you won't get that, but those of you who follow John and Hank Green, the VlogBrothers, will know that it means "Don't Forget to Be Awesome," and that if you Nerdfigher saluted me back, you're supposed to fight World Suck by making the world composed of more awesome and less suck.

John Green was invited to join a Google+ Hangout with the President. As in, Barack Obama, president of the United States. 

He made a vlog about how he felt about the upcoming talk. You know how you're nervous about big events before they happen? How you focus on trivial things? You're not the only one.

Green reassures us that it's okay to be nervous. Most people deal with the same thing.

Here's the vlog:

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