Monday, May 5, 2014

Free e-books

As you know, I love to read.

If you haven't found it yet, there's a place where you can grab free fantasy and sci-fi e-books: The Baen Online Library.

Mmmm, tasty books.
Drop in. Download books. Read. It's that simple. No cash, nothing but book. Okay, so maybe the goal is to hook you on a series so you'll buy the next one. But who could say no to an entire free library?

Not me.

Especially not when I might have spent most of my weekend reading, instead of writing blog posts...

On GoodReads
The author's website
Speaking of which, I've really been enjoying Robin Hobb. I read her Liveship Trilogy last year, and just started Dragon Keeper. The books start off with a slow build, but the world is fascinating, and she's a master of converging plot arcs. The characterizations are heart-breaking but great, even the characters I wanted to strangle (and there indeed some of those). With the first trilogy, I wasn't at all sure it would end well (epic fantasy, not romance), so every time things went wrong I flailed, but the ending was satisfying. Now I can't wait to see how the Rain Wild Chronicles goes.

No promises you won't see me flailing and gnashing my teeth through this week and next, or however long it takes me to devour this set. They say writers should never stop reading, because it's good for discovering what we love in other books, and improving ourselves. I think they just can't admit writers are all too addicted to books to stop...

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