Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Last call for kittens!

I posted part one of the kittens' journey. Edit: The babies have now gone to their new families--They all now have homes!

If you want to adopt a baby herd-baby, check out your local shelter. It's full of animals looking for loving homes, and they'll always know you as the human who rescued them. Or inquire at your local Second Chance, SPCA, or other animal rescue and adoption organization.

Here are the kittens:

One of our kittens had a stubby tail. I'm happy to say it's healed over nicely! Because of his tiny size, we couldn't get it operated on yet, but it seems to have healed on its own. He's just as active and spry as all his siblings--actually, he's one of the most playful kittens. He'll be a good companion, loves snuggling and playing both.

We also still have a tortiseshell kitten who needs a home. Her twin has been adopted, but this little sweetie is still up for grabs! Like her brother, she's a snuggler. EDIT: She's also been adopted! Yay!

To be honest, I can't tell the difference between her and
her twin from the pictures.

The one with white paws is definitely not her.

I'm pretty sure this is her. She's more shy than her sister...
though don't worry, she loves people!

Probably her sister Kiki. Probably.

I made a kitten ad.

Then there's the rest of the family:
Nymph has white paws and a white chin. Sorry, guys,
she's taken!

Mama lets us get pretty close these days. She's doing well, too.
The kittens are eating solid food, too... but they'll still grab a snack
when they can convince mama to let them.

Nymph being cute.
Oh, and also a video of the babies being adorable.

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