Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The animals of the Lost

What does the fox say...before it becomes a fox?

In the Broken Powers series, people with Powers who run into concentrated amounts of wild magic are transformed into animal-like creatures that are cold to the touch, called the Lost. Kelly and her friends run into a number of Lost in their journey.

What animal a person becomes is based on their emotional state when they're being changed, and the location in which they changed. The mental state is preserved, and most people they can interact only with other Lost of the same species. Here are just a few of the animal types, and what these Lost were feeling before being transformed:

Butterflies are understandably common--they were panicking. These were mostly people who saw the magic disaster approaching, so those who would have a had a good view south. They had the run-in-circles-screaming kind of reaction to seeing the magic.

On the other hand, raccoons were also afraid, but less so than the panicking crowd. Many of them had enough rationality to try taking shelter in the closest sturdy-looking location, or were afraid for a reason less threatening than the magic.

Foxes are people who were, right before being hit by magic, feeling socially competitive, such as in a team sport. Many either were inside, or so focused on what they were doing they didn't see the explosion of magic that swallowed them. Robins would have been feeling individually competitive, focused on being a single winner in a competition.

Beavers would have purposeful: people engaged in work or study or such, doing a task that required full attention but was not overly exciting. Bees would have been irritable, feeling grumpy and out-of-sorts. Herons, meanwhile, would have been downright angry.

Cats were people who were engaged in artistic or creative pursuits. They were "in the zone," so to speak, and passionately creating something. Rats would have been methodically creative, less artistic fugue and more methodically outlining or plugging away on a necessary but less-loved part of an overall enjoyable project.
Hm, I wonder what that--

Squirrels were feeling cheerful and energetic, most likely spending time with their friends. They were calm, content, and energized, fully engaged with the people around them.

Ants were bored, while deer were confused about what was happening, just slightly afraid but mostly wondering what was going on.

Dogs would have been feeling responsible for others, but calm. Geese would have also been feeling protective about others, but also determined and a bit afraid.

Otters would be those who were confused but curious, investigating something odd.

Mice would have been those who were romantically-minded, while snakes would have been sleepy and comfortable.

Of course, there are many more, and Lost in different locations might become different animals despite feeling the same. 

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