Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book Bonus: Travel Powers Jobs

Travel Powers have a teleportation-like skill that allows them to move faster. See what exactly they can do here.

James Ottosparrow is a fifth class travel Power. He works in a mine, where his ability to sense objects in the dark helps him map out new areas and ensure the structure of older areas. While being able to sense obstructions doesn't provide fine details, it's enough to avoid running into walls or missing a crevice. He works with earth Powers to construct a safe working environment for the other miners. In his free time, he volunteers at a community theater, managing props and handling the stage lighting.
Travel Powers can usually outrun their foes,
unless their foes have cars or horses.
Then the travel Power waves goodbye,
just like everyone else.

Giovanni Ross is a fourth class travel Power. He works for the FBI, investigating international crimes. While travel Powers are not encouraged to work in espionage, criminal activities, especially those that cause human suffering. Saving people through investigation and being able to move quickly--or sense people within forty feet--give him an advantage in the field. His partner is always willing to make sure his uncontrolled skips occur in safe environments, pelting him with ping-pong balls at unexpected moments.

Sara Nyugen is a third class travel Power. Her ability to skip without interference allows her to enter the planes she works on without removing paneling, performing maintenance on hard-to-reach areas. She's part of her local live action roleplaying group, as well, where in addition to participating in the LARPs, she sometimes helps the game masters at night, monitoring for trouble and helping LARPers recover lost items.

Marra Adeyemi is a first class travel Power. She works for the government, of course: investigating rogue Powers and bringing them to justice (or, if needed, rescuing them). She also helps handle diplomatic relations between the Powered community and those without magic, paying damages and settling wrongs caused by magic. Unlike many Powered, her hobbies have nothing to do with magic: she and her husband share a passion for music, and relax by flute and violin.

Tone-deaf Kelly has long considered her inborn music magic to be useless. But after a disaster drowns the American South in magic, including her whole family except her twin brother, she discovers her “useless” magic lets her hear the voices of those lost. Now, with the help of her twin and her handsome, green-eyed neighbor Derik, she’ll face magic itself to save them–only the attempt may cost her everyone she has left.

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