Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book bonus: Jobs for Earth Powers

Earth Powers have magic that allows them to detect and identify metals, and flaws in metals. Strong earth Powers can also sense and cause vibrations in the ground. More about earth Power abilities here.

Some sample earth Power jobs:

A fifth class earth Power, Fin Clark can sense nearby flaws in metal and the density of objects for up to three feet past the point of touch. He works as a building inspector, checking the safety standards of large buildings and resold houses. When not working, he cooks an awesome roast. He and his friends hold regular feasts and enjoy kicking back over a good meal and a game.

Serro Andrej, as a fourth class earth Power, works with a mining company to help locate and evaluate the depth of metal deposits, and helps locate caves and air pockets and faults in the earth before drilling is allowed. On the weekends, he volunteers at a hospital, visiting the sick. After work and volunteering, he tinkers with cars and electronics.

Charlotte Lassiter is a third class earth Power. She works at an oil company, inspecting and maintaining pipelines. An avid environmentalist, she often works overtime to ensure the company's pipes are free of flaws. Her boss rather hates her, considering she's called for numerous shutdowns due to degrading metal, but her dedication has likely prevented accidents, and her work, if inconvenient, is grudgingly valued. In her off time, she draws, and is an artist of considerate skill.

Danni Pham is a first class earth Power. She works for the government as an adjunct to the US Geological Survey, testing devices that measure seismic energy, and helping identify locations to plant seismic-measuring devices. She also checks ground structures used for toxic and nuclear waste disposal areas following seismic activity, which allows leaks to be identified immediately and stopped quickly. When she's not working, she watches anime with her kids, and goes ice skating.

Tone-deaf Kelly has long considered her inborn music magic to be useless. But after a disaster drowns the American South in magic, including her whole family except her twin brother, she discovers her “useless” magic lets her hear the voices of those lost. Now, with the help of her twin and her handsome, green-eyed neighbor Derik, she’ll face magic itself to save them–only the attempt may cost her everyone she has left.

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