Monday, November 24, 2014

Groots and crockpot breakfasts

There's a good chance this week's publishing industry news post will go up next Monday, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Want to buy a Groot? B&N has a cute one.

So, uh, finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy over the weekend. Yes, I'm this behind on all pop culture. Pretty normal for me, really.

Needless to say, the cats have assured me they do not know how to jury-rig ships, explosives, or Ronin-blasting guns. Clearly they are holding out on me, and I must cuddle-interrogate the truth out of them.

You may interpret the purring as cries for mercy.

I might also start taking better care of my houseplants. You know, just in case any of them decide to develop ambulatory limbs. I'd hate to have a Groot on my hands with a sense of vengeance.

Mostly, the movie was cute. And fun. Did it have plot holes? Yes. Were the human(-oid) characters trope-er-ific? Yes. But sometimes a movie with blasters and jailbreaks and cute characters and heroes improbably triumphing over evil... is exactly what you want. I was in a mood for tropes and Marty Stus this weekend. Also a pineapple, an apple with peanut butter, and a pomegranate. Funny the things you crave.

An mostly unrelated note, but should you be in the need of feeding 12-some people breakfast during the holiday, I'd suggest Crockpot o' Breakfast. Put it together the night before, then leave it overnight and let people serve themselves come morning, allowing you to sleep in. I substituted bacon (cooked, chewy style) for ham and spinach (thawed & drained) for bell peppers, and it was delicious. Also easy. And did I mention sleeping in?

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