Monday, November 17, 2014

Tying up an old loose end, geek style

You know when you finally defeat a boss in a video game, when you thought you'd die again? When you're all, "Well, I've leveled, but seriously I'm probably going to get squished again, and this fight has lasted forty minutes, so why isn't he dead yet?"
From the Final Fantasy Wiki

And then he dies... (or dissolves, or flees leaving you some tasty loot, etc). It's a great feeling. And you're also a little bit "WTF? I mean, yay, but really? Am I dreaming? That wasn't supposed to happen.... Not that I'm complaining..."

Finishing a huge project at work is like that, and also finally getting the last box unpacked after a move, and finishing a book... That wonderful sense of accomplished disbelief.

Anyway. Finally went back and killed an optional boss I'd ignored back when I first beat the game (Gilgamesh from FFXII--Yeah, I was in the mood for a classic.) Just a good feeling. Maybe I'll even go back and finish the quest to get his sword.

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