Friday, December 5, 2014

Don't forget to read

Hello, fall.

If there are leaves still on the trees near you, you're probably south of me.

It's busy time of year, with December (which always seems overscheduled) and upcoming holidays. Preparing for the new year, making sure all the files are in order, cleaning for guests.

Are you making time to read? It's a boon if you can do it in the car while traveling to visit family, but you might not have the luxury... or you might be the one driving. Maybe you're sneaking a few minutes at night, or snacking on stories during lunch.

Or maybe you're like me, and crack open a book while waiting for the water to boil or the food to finish simmering. Yep, I'm a lunch-reader and a while-cooking reader (on the nights I volunteer to cook, anyway), and often a purse-in-the-book reader.

How are you finding time? What books are you reading now?

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