Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Book Bonus: Possible Jobs for Illusion Powers

Illusion magic in the Broken Powers world alters perceptions. People with illusion magic, illusion Powers, can also perceive when perception is altered, including due to things such as colorblindness or deceit. To learn more about what illusion Powers can do, you can see the full description here.

Avery Cannon is a fifth-class illusion Power. She works as a detective, using her ability to perceive when others are seeing things differently, or seeing things she cannot. Although she can't see these things herself, she can use her magically-enhanced instincts to question those around her until the source of the difference becomes clear. Of course, what the person sees may not always be important. She also paints, using her illusion magic to sketch the image before she draws it to help her achieve what she's going for.

Dax Powell is a fourth-class illusion Power. With his ability to see through another person's eyes (with their permission), he works as an eye doctor. This allows him to diagnose more easily vision problems, and help patients, especially those with trouble communicating, achieve the correct prescription. Although as a Power he's paid less than most ophthalmologists, his work with the poor and disabled gives him tax and rent subsidies through the local Powered HQ, so he actually has nearly the same buying power as his un-Powered peers. He and his wife have recently planted a small vineyard on their property--a benefit to an hour-long commute being the large lot of land at a relatively low cost--and rent it out for weddings while the crops establish themselves. Although his magic doesn't show up in the photography, couples have been known to pay a little extra for a little "touch of magic" in the ceremony and reception. These tend to be obvious illusions, such as a glowing bride or stars or images on a screen; for as a fourth-class Power he can only create illusions "with awareness"--people know the illusioned objects have been altered in some manner.

Martha Powell, Dax's wife, is a third-class illusion Power. She works as a sketch artist for the local police department, using her illusion abilities to create and adjust an accurate image of the perpetrator based on the victim's descriptions and reactions. Once the sketch has been perfected, she draws it as closely as possible, often from multiple angles. She also sometimes puts on magic "plays" for visiting children, using her magic to create movies against a flat white screen.

Andrea Bordeaux, a second-class illusion Power, works for the FBI. Much like Avery, she investigates and uses her abilities to discover things she couldn't see on her own; unlike Avery, this may include using the eyes of someone near her (with their permission) to spot exactly what's important or different. She is also sometimes brought in for investigating and/or rescuing rogue illusion Powers, her magic giving her an extra buffer against second and even first-class illusion Powers' ability to alter perceptions without awareness (meaning even when no one else knows when something is an illusion, sometimes she can sense that it is). When she's not working, she usually knits or goes hiking. She also keeps 3-4 blank, framed canvasses in her home, and likes to create "paintings" on them based on places she's been when she has guests over.

Tone-deaf Kelly has long considered her inborn music magic to be useless. But after a disaster drowns the American South in magic, including her whole family except her twin brother, she discovers her “useless” magic lets her hear the voices of those lost. Now, with the help of her twin and her handsome, green-eyed neighbor Derik, she’ll face magic itself to save them–only the attempt may cost her everyone she has left.

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