Monday, December 8, 2014

Tea Review: Pineapple Kona Pop Herbal Tea

Pineapple Kona Pop Herbal Tea

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea

herbal, loose-leaf
Flavor aspects

Where I got it


$6.98/ 2oz
How I brewed it

4 tsp in a liter teapot, added boiling water, let steep 3 minutes
Rebrewing notes

Like many fruit-herbal teas, it's not a good rebrew. You get one strong steeping and then you're done. The second brew has some flavor, but compared to the first it's very weak.

I brewed this tea strong, because I tend to like my fruity herbal teas strong (as it has no leaves from the tea plant, it's technically a tisané). This is just personal preference. It's very citrus-y, pineapple and orange. Made strong I don't taste any of the "floral undertones" advertised, but to me there seems to be a bit of a blueberry-reminiscent aftertaste, which is odd because there's absolutely no blueberry in it. Not enough to change the main taste, though; it mostly appears in the aftertaste.

I can sort of smell the flowers in the scent, but mostly it's a pineapple orange tea. If you want a slightly juice-like tea, this is a good one to taste. I'd say it's great if you're just getting used to teas, too, with a strong flavor (still weak compared to, say, Gatorade, but it's tea, not juice or soda-substitute.) A nice tea for breakfast, and also a nice tea for nighttime when you're trying to avoid caffeine.

On the whole I'd give a solid score: tasty, but not spectacular. A good for someone new to tea, or looking for a caffeine-free cup, or in the mood for something fruity. Better than most average-priced bagged teas, but I won't call it the very best herbal tea I've ever had, either; and for the price a high-end bagged tea would be just as good, without the mess of clean-up of loose-leaf tea. Still, it's enjoyable and not terribly expensive, and honestly the tea blend looks very pretty. It would make a very nice gift for a citrus-loving tea drinker who is looking to avoid caffeine for a while, without breaking the bank or looking cheap.

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