Friday, January 16, 2015

Abandoned building photography

Old, abandoned buildings are beautiful. There's so much personality in them. I find the stories they hide to be fascinating, beautiful, inspiring. Well, inspires me to write, anyway, because it totally reminds me of the world of Into the Tides... But I'd enjoy the pictures anyway.

One Pinterest board I enjoy following is Carol Ballard's abandoned houses in North Carolina.

The trees are coming for us!
Then there's Michelle Bowers' Abandoned Homes of North Carolina on Facebook.

Matthew Christopher's made a living from it, with his Abandoned America series.

There's entire flickr galleries set up for pictures of abandoned buildings, like greensh's collection, including a set of the Blakely House in SC.

Do you find abandoned places beautiful, or just creepy? Have you ever imagined the stories behind a particular place?

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