Friday, January 2, 2015


A new year, a new resolution.

(I resolve to bring back the dinosaurs! And train a legion of laser-wielding cougars to attack scions of evil on sight.)

But I'm a fan of practical resolutions. So something I can accomplish.

(Drat. There goes the resolution of stealing an alien spaceship, too.)

Indeed. The first step is to look at my goals.

(Oh! I resolve to make the best-sellers list!)

...And then to choose one I have complete control over.

(...To brainwash readers everywhere? To become a super-known celebrity?)

Preferably something simple and reasonable, that I can break into small steps.

(...To write every single day, without fail!)

And then I take into account whether or not something works for me, historically. I'm not going to resolve to something I already know I can't accomplish. If I make a promise to myself and don't keep it, how will I continue to have faith in myself?

(Fine. I resolve to write frequently, and to write what I enjoy.)

Excellent. Yes, that will do.

I hereby resolve to write a story I want to read, to write frequently, and to try to continue improving my storytelling skills.

Happy New Year! What's your resolution for 2015?

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