Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring is for villains

Walking into the farmers' market is a strawberry-scented wonderland. I got a nice big basket to take home, perfectly sweet and nice and ripe. Delicious! Every bite I take results in red juice dripping from my mouth... and boiling them into a dark red compote is both creepy and delicious... in fact, I'm starting to think the season is trying to tell me something.

I take it young and nurture it with
love and maybe a little evil.
It's also time to plant flowers and veggies, finally warm enough in NC to not worry about a late freeze. Though I do feel a bit like a supervillain when I plant tomatoes. Buried the little thing up to its neck, caged it, and in a few months, I'll eat its babies. Meanwhile, the strawberry plants swung happily in their free-hanging basket, just out of reach of the rabbits and with no sign of ever planning to produce strawberries for me to eat. For now, I'm telling the tomatoes the strawberries are my minions, who will report if the tomatoes try to escape.

The bugs, of course, are also back, and lending to the feel of villainy. There was the little red spider-bug whom I'd feasting on my flesh while I feasted on minestrone in the sunshine, a bug that quickly became a red smear (vengeance is mine!). And dozens of mosquito eaters (may they have long and fruitful lives) have begun tapping against the windows in the mornings and evenings, being not quite solid on the concept of glass and all. If I could give them matching minion suits and promote them, I would, for they fulfill a valuable service and should be rewarded.

All in all, I think springtime must surely be the time of year for being just slightly evil. Then again, I suppose I might just have watched a little too much Once Upon a Time. Anything's possible.

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