Monday, July 15, 2013


Tribute accepted.

Need a little something awesome to start your week?

Every kitty needs a TARDIS.

That is, in case you are wondering where you can get one, a home-made TARDIS cat house by the talented Jad Bean. My cats are jealous (or they would be if they were able to understand Doctor Who, which their human keeps insisting on trying to get them to watch, by dint of watching it herself).

And yes, I am now considering taking up wood working, just in hopes of being able to build one of these. Sounds like an acceptable summer/fall/winter project, right? After all, the fuzzballs do need a feline climbing tower.

I don't think this was Doctor I was looking for...

If you are talented in the wood-working realm, check out the link for how he built his. You can even admire the mini-ood cat toy.

And if you do build a cat TARDIS, mind making one for me?

Did you encounter anything awesome over the weekend? Share in the comments and give us all a great start to the work week!

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