Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mansions and palaces for the public

Every billionaire has
dancing fountains.
I often think that malls look a lot like mansions, or even palaces.

This is an outdoor mall I went to recently. I look at it and see a millionaire's mansion. When I want to imagine a mansion-style setting? I just go here.

What romance goes down in the
the gardens tonight?
Indoor malls, with their fancy balustrades and marble floors, sweeping arches and long halls, are just an inch away from a small palace.

How about fancy gardens, perfect for clandestine meetings or romances? Again, outdoor malls.

I can see this being someone's
private mansion gate.

Country clubs are also good, if you know one open to the public, or public gardens and arboretums. But what I like about malls is accessibility. They're far easier to get to than actual palaces, and much more common than even arboretums.
It's a pretty flower. Sure
it goes with the theme
of this post.

Of course if you can find one, real mansions are great to visit. But those usually cost to get into.

Where do you get your inspiration for scenery? Have you ever used a real-life place as a base for an imagined one? What are some of the most inspiring places you've visited?

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