Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Fourth (on the Third)

Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful.

Clouds gather above, and yet we admire them for the way sun hits them, sit in awe over the striking beauty of colors created by oncoming (or departing) storms.

 There are things that happen in my country that I do not like, clouds such as homelessness, poverty, crime.

But I find my country, on the whole, beautiful. I see so much good in it. I've the opportunity to write. I have the option of working and supporting myself, of being an independent woman able to pursue the careers I love. I see the ability to use the internet uncensored, and the chance to have my own blog. I know I won't be prosecuted for saying I disagree with the way the government handles something, or for liking something on FB that the government doesn't. I'm not constantly afraid of having my home overrun by armies or mercenaries, and I can walk down the street in broad daylight and know I'll probably be safe. I know many, many good people who will help me if I'm in need. And if I go to the local authorities, I can reasonably expect they'll try to protect me, instead of making me "disappear" for having a problem.

So if you live in America, and if, right now, you're frustrated with anything about it (and you probably are, because there are clouds in the skies no matter where you live), take a moment to admire the sunrise: the good things about the country, and all the people in it. Think about all the people who volunteer to help each other, about all the heroes who stand strong in the wake of tragedies, about all those who speak out for the voiceless. About the fact that we can speak out.

Nowhere will you find perfection. But's a beautiful place to be, all the same. And we can all pitch in, each in our own way, to make it even more so.

Happy Fourth of July (er, one day early).

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