Monday, July 1, 2013

How to train a dragonslayer

Everyone needs a tiny dragonslayer in their lives. Here's how to train a kitten to be a dragonslayer:

Our hero, and the star of this video, may seem brave, strong, and noble now, but she comes from very humble beginnings.

Mochi started out as a shelter kitten, one of three litters all born close in date to each other and lumped together as soon as they were weaned for convenience. The shelter is seriously understaffed, yet is the only shelter in their county, and thus has a continual influx of new residents--leading to an unfortunately high kill rate. They often search for foster homes to take in adoptable animals, to help reduce the strain on resources and give a fighting chance at life to as many animals as possible.

Fortunately for Mochi, my roommate agreed to take her in until we can find her a forever home, and so she gave the kitten her first few vaccinations, brought her home, and thoroughly cuddled her. Then she gave the young fuzzball into my tender tutelage, where I have taught her to brave and strong, and to hunt evil dragons (we leave the nice ones alone, of course).

So no matter how you came into life, don't ever doubt your ability to be a hero. And if you happen to want a renowned dragonslayer to guard your castle, well, Mochi is happy to teach every kitten out there just what to do. She knows herself just how scary the real world can be... but that happy endings, and loving homes, are more than just a fairy tale.

*Edit--speaking of which, Mochi does have a forever home, and is happily settling into her new castle right now!

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