Monday, October 7, 2013


My roommate fosters animals. Our most recent foster arrived looking like this:

Not long after, she exploded into puppies, and now looks like this:

The cast--
Sherlock again!



Yup, so, we have puppies. Puppies, puppies, as far as the eye can see.

Khan was named, by the way, because he came out screaming, and it sort of sounded like he was crying "Khaaaaaaan!" So while we could have sensibly named him Kirk or even Spock, we went with Khan, as a reminder of the enemy whom he should be on the lookout for later in life. Hopefully he'll remember and not ally with his destined enemy because they have the same name, or something.


  1. "Not long after, she exploded into puppies."
    Ha! That phrasing made my day. I'll have to find reasons to use it.
    With that heart on his haunch, I bet Sherlock has no trouble getting adopted.

    1. Heeee. Soon every time people hear "explode," they'll expect puppies. And the world will be a much cuter place. ;) I get the feeling you're right--Sherlock will be one popular pup! :D

  2. If the fostering is for an organization that receives tax-deductible contributions, I've read the costs are now deductible as a charitable donation.