Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Writing Exercise: Monsters

Dragons, right? Well, perhaps with a
little interpretation.

When I think of water dragons, the mental image I have is based off koi.

Western land dragons are more iguana-based.
Doggy beds are much nicer than bridges.

Mermaids legends are thought to trace back to sea mammals such as manatees, especially those getting caught in seaweed, yet these days they're more fish-and-girl like than manatee-like. And unicorns are usually horse-like.

Want a troll? I've got a dog for that. And that sea-serpent the sailors were talking about was probably an oarfish.

The last of the thylacines (public domain image)

Even non-living animals have contributed to legends. Many believe dinosaur skeletons led to legends of dragons today, and ancient whale bones to sea monsters. The tragic extinct Tasmanian Tiger (warning, the link shows the last of them in captivity, not pretty) was my original mental inspiration for the frightening Hunters in my book, who I see as larger, bigger-fanged, solid-colored thylacines. (Although, since most people won't know what they are, I ended up describing them as something closer to a very large and muscular greyhound-wildcat mix...)

If you were going to create a non-humanoid monster, what animals would you base it off? Living or extinct, anything's open.

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