Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We are now, after two weeks of cute and stinky, officially puppy-free! Now that they're old enough to be moved and there is finally space for them there, they've gone to their official foster home until they're old enough for adoption.

So here's some just-born and two-week old pictures, to show how much they grew while we had them.


Sherlock: Newborn
Sherlock: Two weeks

Salem: Newborn
At two weeks, still nearly the same size:
Salem's the runt of the litter, poor thing!

Spook: Newborn

Spook: Two weeks

Autumn: Newborn

Autumn: Two weeks

Willow: newborn

Willow: Two weeks

Khan: two weeks
Khan: newborn

Boy, have they grown. And no, those aren't all the same hands, in case you noticed!

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