Monday, October 21, 2013

Women in (Semi-) Reasonable Armor

I love fantasy art.
A picture from the Tumblr--
"Jamie Chung as Mulan from the
2nd season of Once Upon A Time"

But I have a pet peeve, and it's warriors in armored societies going into battle while scantily clad.

I found this tumblr, which is just awesome: Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor.

Since I dislike the thought of being stabbed in the kidneys, I believe in supporting artists who draw women warriors in real armor, getting the word out and sharing their names. While I don't mind the occasional warrior in impractical armor (it is fantasy art), I greatly prefer armors to look protective. It's sort of a niche right now; compared to pieces where women warriors go into battle scantily clad (and easily gutted), it's much less common. I'll be happy when real armor is the norm, and bikinis are the niche.

The armor on the tumblr isn't all perfect. Some of it definitely needs work, still using the highly-impractical "boob plate" look.

Still, at least those ladies don't have to worry about an arrow in the stomach.

What excellent artists do you know who draw female warriors in functional armor?


  1. Yes, this! It bothers me that this is still an issue. Or even just functional *clothing*. If you're a serving wench, noble, or courtesan, whatever, but when the character's supposed to be going out and doing battle?
    I love Mulan's outfit in OUaT! Someday when I have time and money (ha! yeah right...) I want to [have Bob] make her outfit so I can wear it to cons.

    1. That would be an awesome cosplay. I could see you rocking as Mulan.
      Agreed--I don't really have a problem with scanty clothing costumes if they're situation-appropriate. But battle? Nuh-uh!