Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Writing Exercise: Scents of Autumn

(Image by Dan Parsons, Wikimedia Commons)
One of my favorite things about autumn is how it smells.

It's apple pie and apple cider; it's spicy chai and craft store. It's a touch of evergreen and the crisp scent of falling leaves, and it's the heady scent of fireplace smoke as people pull out the blocks of wood for the first time since winter.

It's butternut squash ravioli in restaurants, and fresh apples at the farmers' market. It's the dust of the State Fair and the sticky sweetness of Halloween, the savory roast turkey of Thanksgiving and peppermint of early winter.

I'm no fan of the cold--I wave goodbye to summer with tears in  my eyes--but fall does smell good.

What do you like (or hate) about fall? What do your characters like (or hate) about fall?


  1. Oh these are great smells. I always overcook for Thanksgiving because of the wonderful smells--cranberries, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup--it goes on.

    1. That reminds me, I have some cranberry bread I need to bake! ;) Yes, I love the holiday baking!

  2. Pumpkins! I get a sugar pumpkin and I make pumpkin rolls and pumpkin syrup and I put the pumpkin syrup in my hot chocolate and my chai and it is tasty. :D And I get apple cider and make chaider.