Friday, October 24, 2014

One Fine Blog Award

Fraser Sherman nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. Thanks, Fraser!

This award requires:
a) thank the nominator;
b) volunteer seven things about the blogger readers don’t know;
c) nominate other blogs.

Seven things you don't know about me:

Pictured: not me.
  1. I am not a velociraptor. I'm sorry. I lied. (I'm also not a muffin, but you probably guessed that one.)
  2. I'm terrified of spiders, but I think snakes are cute. I took an animal science class in middle school and "adopted" a boa constrictor for the semester. She was pretty, and it was really neat holding her. Plus, one of the snakes had babies that year, and they twined around kids' fingers (when they got old enough to be held) like rings. So cute!
  3. My first real, official job in high school was as a hostess at a restaurant. I sucked at seating people, but was pretty good at the pickup window and register, so they kept me in the back doing that.
  4. I have a really cheerful voice on PA systems. I can't help it; I always sound happy. Especially when I'm grumpy or angry or tempted to hurt something.
  5. I love sparkling water. I can't get enough of it, regardless of whether it's fancy Perrier or $.89 cent store-brand, so long as it's bottled but not canned. (The canned ones taste like aluminum.) It's my guilty indulgence.
  6. I also love ginger. Ginger candy, crystallized ginger, ginger salad dressing, ginger soup, the pickled ginger served with sushi, ginger ale, ginger beer (which is like the ginger version of root beer), ginger mead... mmmmm!
  7. When I was a girl, my favorite stuffed animals were a kangaroo puppet and a snail puppet. My dad would puppeteer for me to get me to go sleep--he's as tone deaf as I am, which may explain why he didn't sing me lullabies.
Pictured: also not
me. See? Stock photo.
Bonus (since some of you, despite my firm reassurances, may not believe #1): 
8. I have never dyed my hair. No particular reason; just never really wanted to. Although I did color a few locks in middle school with a blue highlighter, once.


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Guess I should go out and tell them!

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