Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tea geekery wish list

So before I get into the teapot drool-session, a quick note for gamer-travelers: my friend Meg is putting out a call for gamers who travel/travelers who game, looking for submissions for a collection of essays, vignettes, articles, etc.

Okay, now for the teapot geekery. (Hey, even Yahoo! is getting into tea, with a tutorial on how to brew green tea without making it bitter. How long should you cool your boiling water to bring it to the right temperature?)

One of the ladies in my online "Writers Who Tea" group posted a link to this beautiful chemistry-themed tea set:

Which, sadly, is only a prototype and cannot be bought (yet). Oh, the cruelty.

That's okay. I can build my own chemistry tea set, from ThinkGeek (as soon as they get some pieces back in....)!

Test tubes!

And, uh....  this TARDIS teapot:

Okay, so Doctor Who science mostly revolves around some good ol' hand-wave-ium (This is not the science you are looking for). Might as well admit it's all in writerly magic, really:

Writer Teapot on Etsy
Guess I'll have to hit the books to get a good science pun around here.

Too bad they're not textbooks? Etsy, of course.
Anyway. Why not end the tea set with something to drool over, and something wonder "Who'd pay so much for that?" (I'll leave you to figure out which is which... ;)

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On Etsy

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