Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Book Bonus: Jobs for Cold Powers

Cold Powers in the Broken Powers universe have a magic that prevents them from becoming overheated, and are able to lower temperature of other objects. You can see the detailed list of their capabilities here. What are some examples of jobs they might hold?

Eileen Nguyen is a fifth class cold Power. She lives on the outskirts of Las Vegas, and works as a SBI agent, specializing in desert investigations. Because of her high, magical tolerance for heat, she has a lower need for water, and is unlikely to suffer from prolonged exposure to the desert heat. When desert stakeouts are needed, she's usually the one sent. Needless to say, she also spends a lot of time working out, training to stay physically fit. As with many magic users, government-based jobs pay more than private institutions, including in medicine; as such, Eileen's salary provides the majority of the household income. Her husband, a fourth-class cold Power, currently works part time an emergency care clinic as a heat stroke and fever specialist, a job to which he'll return in a couple of years. For much of the day now, however, he's the primary caregiver for their infant and toddler.

Rutherford "RC" Collins is a third-class cold Power. He works at a nuclear power plant, using his ability to insulate up to three of his coworkers from heat when checking potential hot spots. He can't shield people from radiation, but he can reduce pockets of air or water in temperature to prolong a person's survivable time. He can also channel cold into metal bars to speed cooling of heated liquids. Although he would be more effective touching the material bare-handed, for safety purposes he remains in a full protective suit. After hours his hobbies are calmer; he plays baseball in a non-competitive Powered exhibition league (where players are encouraged to safely show off their magic in the game for the entertainment of the watchers).

Antoinette Marshalle is a second-class cold Power. She works in medical research with the CDC. Hazmat suits are very uncomfortable in Atlanta, except when one can keep herself cool; she volunteers for clunky suit duty frequently. Her magic also comes in useful for preserving specimens; she carries special boxes lined with metal that freeze quickly, and that she can keep frozen. When she's not working, she roots for her favorite sports teams, and also practices karate twice a week.

Fargo Goldsmith is a first-class cold Power. He works in Powered investigations, specifically on a team tracking down rogue and endangered magic users. Many of those on the run seek extreme locations where isolation serves to keep them hidden; Fargo and his team use their abilities to find them and neutralize (or rescue or otherwise help) them. Like many high-class Powered, he takes advantage of the government's strongly family-friendly policies, using his leave time to spend with his family, from volunteering in classrooms to attending ballet recitals to taking the kids camping.

Tone-deaf Kelly has long considered her inborn music magic to be useless. But after a disaster drowns the American South in magic, including her whole family except her twin brother, she discovers her “useless” magic lets her hear the voices of those lost. Now, with the help of her twin and her handsome, green-eyed neighbor Derik, she’ll face magic itself to save them–only the attempt may cost her everyone she has left.

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