Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Book Bonus: Pinterest character boards

Housekeeping note--This week's Publishing News post will be delayed until Monday, on account of running around acting like a ghost (or whatever Halloween costume I come up with in the next couple of days).

So what's new?

I'm on Pinterest!
Why yes, one of my first stops was making
a tea board. Why do you ask?

You can find me here.

I've started making character boards for the characters in Into the Tides, consisting of things they'd pin if they were on Pinterest.

So far I have Elizabeth and Kelly. More to come!

Also, some boards of my own, because there's lots of cool stuff there!


  1. I finally broke down and joined pinterest two days ago. I love your idea of making a board that the character would make.
    I started by making boards with photos of what I envision my character to look like and the locations for the novel.

    1. Oh, that's a good idea, too! I might have to think about making a board for possible locations for the novel, too. That sounds like a lot of fun, and would be really good for readers trying to visualize the book.