Monday, October 20, 2014

Tea review: Disney's Mad Tea Party Blend

Mad Tea Party Blend

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea

Black, loose-leaf
Flavor aspects

fruity, natural
Where I got it

Disney World

Came with the tea press, which was $35;
or about $25 here for 3 oz
How I brewed it

1.5 tsp loose-leaf tea, 12ish oz hot water from the coffee machine, for about 3 minutes
Rebrewing notes

Like many black teas, it gets weaker with subsequent steepings. However, I typically get one good, full-flavored resteep from each batch.

So part of the appeal is that it's a Disney tea. That makes it fun, even if it's oversteeped. Which, this morning it is, I slightly did... I recommend about 2 1/2 minutes and water around 190 (I think the coffee machine was a bit hot this morning). But it's only slightly oversteeped, and I've done so before; this tea is fairly resilient and doesn't become very bitter even when you abuse it.

This probably has to do with the fruity aspects of it. It's a ginger/peach/apricot/black tea blend. Honestly I get mostly an indistinct peach-apricot-ish flavor that mellows nicely with the black tea; I can't really taste the ginger at all. I say "indistinct" because I usually tell when something is peach-flavored, but it's more gentle in flavor than peach-flavorings usually are. Blends really nicely with black tea, and ends up highlighting the black tea flavor more than the other way around, although I definitely do taste the fruit. I just have to think about it to identify that it's the fruit I'm tasting.

I'd call it an overall pretty good tea. Not amazing, and not something I'd usually spend that much for on it's own (I'd put it on par with the $6-10 per 2 oz teas I have); but if you want a Disney souvenir that you can get use from for a while to come, it's not a bad choice. Especially if it's part of a set, like the tea cups or the tea press, which are very cute.

Definitely drinkable. And fun. And yeah, I'm definitely tempted to wear a silly hat every time I drink it.

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