Monday, September 28, 2015

Video Game Icon

When I think of video games as a medium, I flash back to my girlhood days of Super Mario Brothers. It's not my favorite all-time game (although I did really enjoy it), but it is one of my most fundamental memories of video games.

If I were to choose a symbol to represent video games as a whole, including all video game genres, it would probably be Mario. To me, the Mario series is pretty much the icon of video games, and Super Mario is the block on which my video game memories are built.

If you ask me what I think of when someone mentions playing video games today, it'd be more along the lines of the most recent BioShock or Halo or Final Fantasy or some other modern iteration of a popular series. But as an icon, a symbol that represents video games? Super Mario Brothers.
If FFVII isn't someone's icon,
I'd be pretty surprised.

For others, video games go farther back than that. Some people consider Tetris their symbol of video games. Others, Halo.

What do you consider the your video game icon, the video game that is the very first thing you think of when someone says "video games" as a generic noun?

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