Monday, October 5, 2015

Weddings in stories?

Ack! I forgot Friday's post! Well, you know the drill. Some more pictures for public domain.

Why did I miss the post? I was a friend's wedding. Which makes me think about the weddings I've seen at the ends of stories. Not "Red Wedding" kind of weddings (obviously no one can stop reading a Martin-style wedding), but happy weddings.

It's not a bad way to wrap up a movie (usually one or two short clips of a wedding, like Aragorn and Arwen's wedding), but I rarely see weddings ending books. I've actually seen more weddings-for-the-sake-of-wedding endings in fantasy books than in romance books, probably because we all know what a regular wedding is like, but fantasy one is something new and different. (Although there are entire romance genres where a wedding starts the book... but that's serving a different purpose.) What was the last wedding you read in a book? Did you think it wrapped it up well?

Anyway, since I missed last Friday, here are some pictures for the public domain:

Let's call this the "textures and memes" set.

A little texture, anyone?

For all your meme-ing needs.

Light playing on a bottle.

I'm sure there's a thirsty meme for this one, too.

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