Friday, October 30, 2015

No Humans?

What if you woke up as a monster? What if everyone did?

I've been watching iZombie, which follows a woman as she tries to adjust to life post-death. It's half Walking Dead, half Medium, and half CSI. Yes, the math works--think Venn diagrams.

Monster shows always seem to be from the "trying to survive" side--either as the monster or as a human fighting off monsters. Sometimes they even have a "trying to live a normal life" angle. What if everyone was a monster, though? What if monster was normal?

I've seen a couple of pieces where there are only a few humans left. (Last Blood comes to mind.) These are interesting, but again, it's a story of survival. Still, it's a pretty cool look at where humans are the minority.

The closest I've seen is in science fiction, stories where there has been a disaster and humans are almost extinct. What about in fantasy, though?

Have you seen many shows or books where no one is human, or almost no one? Was it done well?

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