Friday, October 23, 2015

Publishing Industry News

This week's publishing news and industry blogs covers 10/10-10/22/2015.

Publishing News

The US Appeals Court affirms that the Google library book scanning project is indeed protected by fair use.

Apple's court-ordered monitoring has ended, the monitor having been originally appointed as a result from the anti-trust case.

Amazon sues over a thousand people for writing/selling fake reviews, targeting account holders on Fiverr. Most of the people aren't named as they're not actually known yet. (Actual complaint filed can be viewed on Scribd.)

American publishers (12 of them) have signed a pledge to "monitor and address incidents of censorship in Chinese translations of books."

Industry Blogs

Of course, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, so here's a blog from author Nathan Bransford with NaNoWriMo resources to get you started/back into gear.

A new Author Earnings report is out, this one looking at a variety of e-book markets.

Agent Kristine Kathryn Rusch analyzes the newest author earnings report (that came out right after her last post with some of the very information she'd mentioned wanting to see), discussing its limitations and possible business implications.

Agent Jessica Faust explains how to follow up gracefully on your submission.

Agent Janet Reid answers questions and gives advice. Is there a best time of year to send your queries? (No.) She gives advice on how to make the most of a group critique at a conference. Do writers get rejected because of typos in the query? (Yes.) Her thoughts on the best and worst kinds of authors swag.

Agent Nephele Tempest posts some interesting writing-related links in her Friday Links post.

Agent Janet Grant of Books and Such Literary agency talks about how to gain and take advantage of word-of-mouth publicity.

Pew Research Center has, in their latest survey, noted among their findings that slightly fewer people on average have read a book (digital or print) in the past year, although reading percentages in younger readers (18-29) is higher than older generations.

On The Editor's Blog, a list of grammar resources for all your grammar questions. (I'm a Chicago Manual of Style-based writer myself, but hey, there's lots of style guides to choose from.) She then answers some specific grammar questions from readers.

Author Karen Dionne explains the best way to leave your agent.

On the Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance Writers blog, Rebecca Zanetti posts about world building and characterization, and how the two interact.

At Publishers' Weekly, a report on how much people at various jobs in the publishing industry earn. It also looks at the traditional publishing industry's demographics.

Bowker, seller of ISBNs and barcodes for books, now can help authors and publish register copyrights during purchase of ISBNs.

What other publishing news have you encountered in the past two weeks?

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