Monday, October 12, 2015

Tea Review: Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai

Pumpkin Spice Tazo Chai Tea

Reviewed by: Rebekkah
Type of tea

black, bagged
Flavor aspects

Sweet, spicy
Where I got it

Harris Teeter
(online through Amazon here)

On sale at HT for $4.50;
online $6.99
How I brewed it

1 bag in a 12-oz mug for 5 minutes with slightly less than boiling water
Rebrewing notes

Did not try to rebrew

Enjoyable. It's pumpkin-spice chai. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, the whole shebang. I brewed it with water, no milk or sugar, and it was still good, which isn't always true for me for chais; it's naturally slightly sweet and the flavor is rich enough to stand on its own.

I found it on sale on the seasonal rack at the grocery store, and am pleased with what I got. Tazo, in my experience, typically makes pretty good bagged teas, and this is no exception. If you're looking for a pumpkin-spice tea for the season, whether for a gift or yourself, and don't want to splurge for some loose-leaf fancy seasonal novelty (few of which I've really found worth it), then this is a good buy.

I don't tend to rebrew bagged teas, since I rarely find second brews worth it, so admittedly I didn't try with this one, either. If you have the inclination, I would suggest trying it with milk and sugar; chai teas tend to be pretty amazing made that way, and if you want to impress, it's a good way to make your tea seem fancier without adding a lot of extra cost or effort.

Note that I have not tried the pre-brewed versions of this; this review only applies to the bagged version of the tea.

Picture from Tazo website

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