Monday, August 10, 2015

Dubbed, Subbed, or both?

Do you ever watch anime? If so, do you prefer to watch it dubbed, or subbed?

Dubs: for when I'm dong mindless things such as choosing
the best flower pictures or extracting images in Photoshop.
On the whole, I tend to prefer the original subtitled versions. For one, the dialogue is usually more accurate. It only takes turning on the subtitles as you watch a dubbed version to realize how far off the dub usually is, as the voice actors try to match the words to the lip movements.

But I admit there are times I don't want to focus on reading as I'm watching. If I'm watching something I've seen before, or that has delved into the realm of trope-tastic or ultra-angsty, I might turn it on as I'm doing tedious hand or craftwork. Decent way to pass time.

Do you have a preference? And if so, are there times you tolerate the other?


  1. I don't watch much anime, but I tend to prefer dubbed. I don't know much about Japanese culture, so the fact that the word changes in the dubbing are also shifted to something a Westerner can better relate rather than the closer-to-straight translations of the subbing is helpful. I also have trouble picking out tones (as in emotions, not as in part of the pronunciation) in voices speaking Japanese since I don't speak it, and the dubbing circumvents that as well. Also, it leaves me free to watch the pictures instead of reading while the characters are relegated to my peripheral.

    1. The "lost in translation" problem is one reason I really like good fan-subs, which tend to add explanations for culture-related things. But sometimes I miss things going on because I'm reading and not watching the whole screen! So yeah, dub definitely has a plus there.