Saturday, August 22, 2015

Publishing Industry News

This week's Publishing news and industry blogs post covers 8/7/15-8/21/15.

Publishing News

Simon & Schuster partners with in a deal that will allow eligible customers to download free one of seven e-books.

Family Christian Stores have asked for approval for their reorganization plan for their bankruptcy filings.

Educational publishers file a copyright and trademark infringement suit against US textbook-resellers Information Recyclers, on grounds that it imported and resold copies of textbooks the publishers allege are pirated editions.

The Authors Guild encourages academic authors not to give exclusive rights to publishers, a practice that is uncommon in most traditional publishing contracts but common in university press publications.

Industry Blogs

Agent Nephele Tempest posts some fun writing links for 8/14, and 8/21.

On QueryTracker, 5 query mistakes that make you look like an amateur.

Agent Janet Reid offers advice and answers questions. You've got a contract in hand but no agent, but want an agent--when do you query? (Now's good. Or when you're about to talk options.) She explains the etiquette of book reviewing. A reader asks her about a creative writing course; she says she doesn't pay attention to where writers learn to write, only whether or not they can, and the best people oto ask are the graduates.

Agent Kristen Nelson explains why a good agent should be friendly with, but not friends with, editors.

On the Editor's Blog, an issue that I have to fix all the time at my day job (yes, it really is my job to correct other peoples' grammar): adjectives modifying multiple nouns, and why order and parallelism matter and can have unintended consequences. And she gives a cheat sheet on compound words, from when to hyphenate to the differences between British English and American English.

Author Kristine Kathryn Rusch analyzes the story of an author who backed out of a traditional publishing deal 2 months before the book was released (Publishers' Weekly article) due to the publisher's lack of support, a move that 10 years ago might have ruined his career--and why it's a move he can make today, (Rusch's analysis) thanks to the new publishing world. Nor is he the first author to walk away from a Big Five publisher for similar reasons--Jane Friedman why she also walked away.

At Books & Such Literary Agency blog, how to look good on your webcam.

Write MG or children's books? Kids discuss the reasons they read.

What other publishing news have you encountered in the past two weeks?

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