Monday, August 24, 2015

Fun things: Mushi-Shi and new King's Quest

I discovered the anime Mushi-Shi this weekend. Although I've only watched the first episode, it's just the right combination of beautiful and creepy, eerie and awesome to really tickle my interest. A young man, trying to emulate his father's sake brewing skill after his father falls ill (it's their family business), brews a sake that glows gold. When he drinks a few sips of it, he finds he can see mysterious spirits in the mountains, and he stumbles upon a gathering where people trade golden-glowing sake in the middle of the mountain woods.

On the other end of the spectrum of things I really enjoy, my fiance and I started playing the most recent King's Quest, a humor-based fantasy adventure. Narrated Princess-Bride-style by a grandfather telling his granddaughter tales of his youth, it's cute, fun, hilarious narration (especially when you die), and filled with terrible grandpa-puns. It's a puzzle game, if you're unfamiliar with the King's Quest series, and so far we're having fun with them.

Found any new anime/games lately you're enjoying?


  1. Moribito. Moribito is amazing. It's based on a series of Japanese fantasy novels. The first two (out of seven, I think) have been translated into English, but they stopped and there aren't any plans to do the others. :(
    I like Death Note too.

    1. I hate it when they stop a good series suddenly. x.x Death Note is good so far of what I've seen, though I haven't finished the series yet. I'm going to have get myself caught up on the rest of it!