Saturday, August 8, 2015

Publishing Industry News

This week's publishing news and industry blogs covers July 24-August 7 2015.

Publishing News

A Books-A-Million investor wants to stop the BAM buyout by the Anderson family.

Kindle owners begin to receive credits from the DOJ vs the Big Six antitrust settlement.

The Authors Guild urges authors to push for time limits on book contracts, and include options for reclaiming rights. (Most agents whose blogs I follow have consistently similarly talked about the importance of reasonable rights-reversion clauses; time limits may or may not be related, but be sure you know how to get your rights back in any publishing contract.)

Industry Blogs

At BookEnds, agent Jessica Faust gives advice on what to do when you get an offer of representation. She also tells authors to lead with their blurb, don't bury it at the bottom of a query. She also explains why it's important to follow query rules.

Agent Janet Reid answers questions and gives advice, such as on querying as a co-authoring pair. And is it okay to give a bad review to a book that's actually terrible without giving yourself a black mark in the industry? (If you have valid, well-explained, based-on-the-writing-not-the-writer reasons, then yes.) And what's the average wait time on hearing back from a requested full? (Wait 90 days before sending a check-in.)

At Books and Such literary agency, agent Janet Grant answers questions about book contracts.

Author Jim Hines has just made the leap to going to a full-time writer. He blogs about what he did to prepare for this transition, and what his monetary worries are and will be. Good read if you think you might be ready to be a full-time writer yourself.

Author Nathan Bransford talks about how to know when it's time to leave your agent. Also, his Last Few Weeks in Books post.

Writer and writing teacher Barbara Baig suggests for those writers who are looking to improve their overall writing skills, try breaking up your learning into smaller areas of focus by figuring out your writing weaknesses and working on improving each one separately.

Some neat Friday writing links from agent Nephele Tempest.

Fiction editor Beth Hill explains that your first attempt at novel-writing probably won't be publishable, but why it's important to finish it anyway: writing a novel is a skill, and a learned one, and until you've written an entire novel, you haven't truly practiced--not even if you've written, say, a technical manual.

What other major publishing news have you encountered in the past couple of weeks?

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